Meet the driving forces behind CSLDF.
We’re a focused, tenacious and passionate group. Our diverse team includes lawyers, scientists, professors, filmmakers, media professionals and fundraising experts.


Lauren Kurtz

Executive Director
It is incredibly gratifying to work to protect the scientific endeavor, and defend climate scientists from baseless legal attacks.

Meredith Weber

Director of Development
CSLDF does vital work protecting climate scientists and their research. Helping such inspiring organization grow is incredibly rewarding.

Susan Rosenthal

Legal Researcher
So much of the information that lawyers need to protect scientists hasn't been collected in the thorough way. CSLDF is a great venue to bring together those resources and make sure they available to defend scientists.

Rebecca Fowler

Director of Communications
We’re here to ensure that science survives and thrives. Otherwise human health and the environment will suffer.

Board of Directors

Joshua Wolfe

Co-founder and President
It has been rewarding to see so many people contribute to turn CSLDF from a group of volunteers into a professional organization.

Scott Mandia

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
I helped create CSLDF after watching my colleagues harassed. I'm proud to watch the organization grow.

Charles Zeller

Co-Founder and Treasurer
It is rare for an organization to put their largest donor in charge of the books. CSLDF is one of the most effective organizations I’ve been part of.

Naomi Oreskes

Board Member
I've spent a large part of my career studying the harassment of scientists and CSLDF is important organization fighting back. I'm proud to be involved in CSLDF as it develops and implements effective strategies to protect the scientific enterprise.

Jeffrey Masters

Board Member
CSLDF provides critical protection for what are perhaps society's most valuable public servants--climate scientists.

Andrew Frey

Board Member
Before I joined the board, I did pro-bono work for CSLDF. Being involved with the organization is incredibly rewarding.

Lawrence Robbins

Board Member
As attacks on climate science and scientists swell in this post-fact political culture, it is more important than ever to stand up for people engaged in the actual search for truth.

Michael Oppenheimer

Board Member
When scientists don’t feel free to speak about the truths emerging from their work, then society becomes blind to a range of risks and we all suffer. Given recent political changes and increased threats to the independent voices of climate scientists, defense of their rights is needed more than ever.
Want to join the team?
Are you a lawyer? Do you or your firm want to help out? We need firms willing to help out on a pro bono basis to help advise scientists on their local open records laws and other related issues. Please send us a message.